Thursday, December 03, 2015

reserved-book surprises


My point doesn't show up in this pic very well, alas. 

Remember, not too long ago, I collected two of the books I'd put on hold at the library, and one was a small handful and the other was too big to carry home if walking?  You never know what size things are going to be, when you've put them on hold.  On the library's website, all the pics of the covers are the same size..................

The small handful of items above (on top of a "regular-size hardcover novel," as an attempt at scale) were another surprise.  That's five (5!) items (including two CDs of music) that bulk no more than the one novel.  This made me laugh.

In general, I do not like surprises.  But given that I now pick up my "on reserve" books with a car, it's only amusing when I find out how big they are.  Or are not.....  I wasn't expecting my two CDs of music (nor the DVD of tv programs) to be large, but that my two books should be as small as they were struck my funny bone.  Especially in contrast to my last library-reserve surprise, which was truly huge.  (About which, more, tomorrow.)


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