Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 9, part 2


I take lots of pics from airplanes.  Often there are a whole bunch of what is essentially one shot, with none noticeably better than the others.  I have trouble triaging them............

I am slowly working my way through our trip to Reno.

Spotty clouds below, shortly after take-off.

Here's one of the things I love about flying -- knowing where I am. 

Airports make good landmarks -- they are big enough to see, and can be very distinctive.

I was looking as straight down as I could when I took this next image.  I thought this was where we were, and, getting it up on the "big screen" -- sure enough.

The cloverleaf is the intersection of State Street and I-94, for those of you who are familiar with Ann Arbor.

The camera says the previous shot was taken at 2:15 pm EST, and the next one at 2:16.

It looked like this at 2:47, and stayed cloudy for a long way.

(I mentioned that there are no direct flights from Detroit to Reno.  We were on our way to Las Vegas to catch a connecting flight.  It is four hours and forty-five minutes from Detroit to Las Vegas.........)

At 4:00 pm EST, the clouds were thinning.  There were spotty thick clouds, and wisps of thinner clouds.

I really wish there were a way to know better where we are as we fly.  Southwest let us see a flight tracker through wifi on our phones, but the airplane was about a state long.  At that granularity you can tell something, but not all that much.................


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