Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 9, part 3


I find working on these airplane pics to be very frustrating (which is why it's taking me so long to make myself do them).

The landscapes we flew over were fascinating, and so different from my normal world.  But the pics I am able to take, through three panes of plexiglas, and haze, and who knows what else, are frustratingly unclear..............

And then I feel like I *ought* to know where we were when I took them.  I *want* to know where we were.  Sometimes I can figure it out from google, but...........................

I have worked pretty hard to show the texture of these lands, at the expense of color.  Please understand that the colors are fairly different from what you actually would have seen, had you been on this ride............

Note also that south is at the top of these in-the-air images.

 Here we are, about 3 hours into a 4 hours and 45 minutes flight from Detroit to Las Vegas.

Over mountains.

West (southwest, probably) of the mountains -- irrigated land.

Our first look at canyons.

It's impossible to look at this land from here and not realize it used to be under water..............

I did figure this out.  This is lake Powell, a result of the Glen Canyon dam.

It just strikes me as wrong to have all of this water in this oh-so-dry country.......

This is the image that I compared to Google maps, to decide it was lake Powell.  (Remember south is at the top, in these images.)


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