Monday, April 25, 2016

April 13


On the 13th we went to a spice tasting.

The de Viennes of Épices de Cru have traveled all over the world, hunting for the best spices.  The best varieties, grown in the places which best suit those varieties.  They have made friends with people everywhere who produce spices for the best flavor (rather than to make the most profit), and work with everyone for mutual benefit.

We tasted all sorts of amazing flavors.  Some were just straight-up spices, and some were dishes made by Zingerman's cooks using spices from Épices de Cru.

It was a really interesting (and tasty) evening.  I am going to buy some of their black pepper, and some of their spice blends, and.....



Jeanie said...

Is this the one in Kerrytown? I think a spice tasting would be more fun than anything!

I need orange said...

They have two different spaces where they do tastings near the Deli. One is actually part of Kerrytown, and the other is upstairs at Next Door (the house next door to the Deli where they sell drinks and pastries).

I think most Zingerman's tastings downtown are at the Kerrytown "events" space now, but this one was upstairs at Next Door.