Monday, April 04, 2016

March 10, part 3 -- Lake Tahoe


There's a nice beach at the north end of Lake Tahoe.  Looking south.

Looking east.

Looking southeast.

Looking west.

Looking south.

Looking north.  There had been enough rain, recently, that the beach showed erosion from the shore toward the lake.

The black sand and the tan sand are different enough from each other that they congregate with their own kind.

Looking south.

Looking east.

Gull on the beach.  We learned in Theropods to Birds that gulls are generalists, and that this has enabled them to take good advantage of humanity (and all our garbage....).  This is why you see gulls in places like Ann Arbor, where there is no open sea for a very long way.

If you've been watching here for any length of time, you know I did this.

It wasn't very warm, and it was pretty windy.  Cold.  And the water was cold, too.  But there wasn't actually ice on the beach, so my toes made it into the water.

Looking east.  What a sky............................

I've dried off my feet, and am walking up toward the parking lot.  This rock was probably about the size of my head.  I left it there, despite its interesting colors.  I did bring home some pebbles.

That black Jeep thing was our vehicle for the day.  It was large.  Ask for a small sedan, and then pay a small-sedan price for a bigger vehicle.........

Something (water, or wind?) pushed a lot of sand up against this sidewalk.   Note wind pushing pants tight against legs...........

We were hungry.  We drove on to Tahoe City, and had a very nice lunch in California.   Here's what our table top looked like.  I have no idea what sort of wood this might be.

We were right across the street from the lake. 

After lunch we walked across the street and had a look.  The lake is noticeably lower than the street, here, in contrast to the beach we visited at the north end of the lake.

Someone built a big spiral.  This is dozens of feet across.

We had thought we might circumnavigate the lake in a counter-clockwise direction, but the road was closed near the south end of the lake.   That means "*the* road is *closed* and you can't go there."

The mountains basically march right down into the lake in most places, I think.  There are many places where there is no level ground to build on.  They've forced two lanes of road around the lake, but part of that road is often closed, especially in winter................

So we headed back north.



Jeanie said...

Some of these photos are taking my breath away -- the vertical beach pix, the wonderful abstracts. Very nice!

I need orange said...

Thanks. It's not at all difficult to take nice pics at Tahoe. Something lovely anywhere you look........... :-)