Saturday, April 09, 2016

March 10 -- the rest of the day


No more pics taken beside the lake.  We drove right down the Nevada side of the lake, and things got more and more commercial.  We stopped at one last beach, near the south end of the lake, which had marinas and ferry docks and so on.  No pics.

Now we are headed back north to Reno.  Once last glimpse of the lake beyond the edge of the road..... 

We did not take the twisty turny mountain road back to Reno from the north end of the lake.  We did not take the road I really found scary, which is the one with no guard rails which runs around the northeast corner of the lake.  

We went north about halfway up the east side of the lake, and then headed east through the mountains, and then north to Reno.

It was late enough in the day that it was clearly getting dark as we headed out of the taller mountains toward Carson City.

The trees have gotten sparse..........

One here.

One there.  So dry.......................................

One last excellent sky, as we were coming down into Carson City.  (and then it was too dark for pics)

We returned the rental car to the hotel from which we had rented it, found some supper in one of the casino restaurants, and then went in search of the room in which my better half would play bridge on the 11th.

One of the casinos has a big spherical space.  It has a fake mine shaft thing built in the middle of it it.  I'm not sure what the point is -- maybe it does something, sometimes?  Every time we went by, it was just ... there.  It was huge (4-5 stories?).  It must have been expensive to construct.  Maybe it does something, sometimes?  Who knows.

This welcome was projected on the inside of the sphere.

Standing in the exact same place, taking the above, and then looking down, taking this next pic.  This is what it looks like in casinos.  A kazillion machines, all flashing, all making noise.  Smoking is totally allowed in any of the "gaming" areas, so we are all breathing smoke as we observe the scene.  ("Gaming" -- now there's a euphemism that pushes my buttons!  We had to walk past -- and sometimes through -- these areas dozens of times.  Never once did we see anyone "gaming" who looked like they were having fun......  I've said before, and I'll say again -- making a living by selling people something that's bad for them is not healthy.  For anyone............)

Bridge is a whole nother world.  We could tell the bridge players from the "regular Reno tourists" just by looking.

We found the room where he would play the next day.  I know what some of this means, but not all of it.

It's my understanding that casinos in Las Vegas have some excellent art.  This is one of exactly two (2) lovely things I saw in casinos in Reno.  And the other is very like it, in different colors...........



Jeanie said...

There is good art in Vegas -- that's about the only thing I have to recommend it! Nevada isn't my favorite state! I have no knowledge of bridge -- my parents used to play it. But my theory is that any place that's not home is a fun time!

I need orange said...

Being where it is so dry makes me uncomfortable. Physically and morally. I just can't see it as ok for hordes of people to be sucking up scarce water that nature intended for other purposes...........