Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March 13


March 13 was another day with no bridge plans.

And another day with an excellent sky.  Looking northeast.

Looking north, right toward the University of Nevada at Reno campus.

Here's a closer crop -- in the last post we walked right by what I think is the basketball stadium.  This building was readily visible from our hotel room.

Looking at the tour-bus parking lot.  Not so many buses on Sunday.  Notice how much more the flowering trees have come out, since the last time we looked at this lot just a few days earlier.

We decided to wander down to the hands-on science museum, which is south of the river by just a few blocks.

This was really cool.  They had cylinders of water, with bits of iron in the water, and magnets on the outside.  There were three cylinders, each with a different size of bits of iron.  The biggest bits were readily visible as bits, and the smallest............  The smallest looked (and behaved) like liquid iron.  Verrrrrrry small particles of iron...............

This is the first time I ever edited a movie.  I forgot to turn the camera off, and had a bunch of useless "footage" at the end of the movie.  I checked, I found that Windows 7 comes with a video editor, and managed to chop off the worthless end of the movie, leaving only what I meant to capture.  Hooray.

The other part of the museum I found the most interesting was about bodies and health.

You could actually remove models those things.......

This was cool.  A demonstration of bone conduction of sound.  You took one of those black straws, slid it over the metal rod, and bit down "with your back teeth" on the straw-covered rod.  If you plugged your ears, you could hear music, coming into your head via your teeth.............  Interesting.

Our neural systems are, in the words of the woman who taught my first neurobiology class, soooooooooooo cool!

Here's something that wasn't exactly a surprise, but which I'd never thought about.

This is the second time I've taken a pic of an infra-red image of us.  Are we good-looking guys, or what?

This may be the best climbing structure I've ever seen.  Cloud-shaped plastic ... platforms? inside wire mesh fabric.  The wire mesh was tight on the outsides of the "clouds."  There was no way you could fall any significant distance, but you could climb up story after story.  Our kid would have LOVED this, when she was the right size.........

This work of art was across the street from the museum.  I like it.


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