Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March 20


Our tulip tree.  I had no idea it had this many flowers last year!

Here's a closer look at the ex-flowers.  Every bulgy pale thing in the pic above is an ex-flower.

I need a new fanny pack.  My trusty old black one, which I wore practically every time I stepped outside, ever since the kid was in jr. high and we needed a cell phone (and cell phones were too big to fit in any reasonable pocket).  That fanny pack lasted longer than could have been hoped -- more than 15 years.  Its main zipper broke just before we left Denver.

In the TJMaxx on 16th Street in Denver I bought a little shoulder bag, which looked like it could also be a fanny pack (belt straps on the back).  Unfortunately, its possible conversion to a fanny pack was very poorly thought out.  The belt straps are not at the ends, and there's nothing to stop the bag from bunching itself up on a belt and so enable itself to hang out rather than hugging the wearer's form.


I have been wearing it as a shoulder bag, and this does not make me happy.  Not At All.  I am used to the weight being on my pelvis, which doesn't notice the extra weight.  My shoulders notice.  And the bag ... flaps.  It bounces when I walk, and it swoops toward the ground when I bend over.  No.  No, no, no.  I want it to stay put.

I have purchased some things at JoAnne's which I think (I hope!) will make it behave more like a fanny pack.  I hope so.  I have to do something.

I've been leaving the camera at home (because I don't have a good way to carry it!), and have been taking pics only with the phone.

The phone does a pretty good job, at the things it's good at.

Unfortunately, it is not at all good at some things I do all the time.  Like zoom, and get closeups.

Hoping I can get myself to take some time and work on mods to the shoulder bag.  Either that or admit defeat and seriously look for another fanny pack!

Here's a time when I needed a zoom.  Excellently backlit crocus.  Too far into someone's garden for me to get close enough to fill the frame with flowers using the phone...............

More crocus, somewhere else.  These I could get close to................


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