Friday, April 22, 2016

March 29


On the 29th, my better half needed to be downtown to talk to an accountant about some taxes.  The appointment was for 11:00.  I suggested that I walk along downtown, and after his meeting, we could have lunch.

So that's what we did.  I was on the lookout for something to do while he talked numbers.

Literati is an excellent place to while away some time!

It is a great place to visit.  A general view, from front to back.  All of those sticking-out notes are reviews of various publications.

There is a thoughtful selection of gifts. 

An eclectic group of magazines.

And everything is beautiful, everywhere you look.

The kids' books are upstairs, as is a coffee shop which, I have it on good authority, is one of the best places in town to get coffee.

I went up the stairs.  Each one of these pics shows someone with a book (or four) that changed their lives.

I spent a little time reading books.  All three of these are sweet and gentle and beautifully illustrated.

This is Literati's outside wall (it faces east).

The meeting was over.  I strolled over to the library.  It was only 11:25, and we weren't hungry.  We decided to hang out at the library until we were, and then eat at the new place where Raja Rani used to be.

High-tops out on a table in front of Sam's.

We ended up sitting, reading, on the third floor of the library.  Looking up...........

After a while we were hungry, so we went and had lunch.  We quite like the new Indian buffet which replaces the old buffet.

Then we walked home.  Red and green tulip leaves, with pale Dutch iris flowers.

Goldfish in the pond at West Park.

Tulips on a window sill facing the ravine.

Turning 180 and looking down into the ravine.  I think the chartreuse is daylilies, but wouldn't swear to it.

Now that's a good day, right there.


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