Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 16


Here's another specimen of young pink dogwood with big flowers.  This one I could get close to.

I couldn't find a flower that I could isolate and get a (relatively) plain background.......

Last year I was noticing that many objects I had thought of as "a flower" were really groups of flowers.  Apparently dogwoods belong in this group.  Many flowers, in the middle of the showy pink-and-white-ness.

I believe this is called "bachelor button" even though it is much sparser (and bigger) than the bachelor buttons I grew in front of my first house.  The camera is very reluctant to capture this sort of purplish blue.  It did a pretty good job here, I believe.

There are a few places in my neighborhood where the big trees have come down, making spaces for us to catch more than a glimpse of sky.

Many layers of different sorts of clouds........  Something in that blue section looks like ribs....  So different from the other clouds in the image!

Lots of drama right here............


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