Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 20


On the 20th I walked a different route, through a different part of my neighborhood.

This is across the street from my house, but the rest of this post records gardens that are not on my usual route.  Hydrangea.


Closer.  I am taking more pics with my phone, because I want to have images I can post to Instagram.  I am enjoying Instagram more and more, and want to participate there.....  Very pleased with the phone for getting a shot that is this clear, even when cropped in very closely.  (Macro shots are not the phone's forté!)

We'll add hydrangeas to our collection of "composite flower" flowers.

All of the above taken by the phone.  The next one by the camera.  Love the color of the new leaves, with the touches of red.

Remember, not too long ago, I was surprised to learn of the existence of fern-leaf peonies?  Last time we looked at this plant, it was ferny leaves and buds.  On the 20th, it was in full bloom.  This image was taken by the camera.  This is the color I remember.  Red red red.

This image was taken by the phone.  It was way fuchsia....... I have done some correction toward red, but it still looks more fuchsia than my eyes thought it was.  So interesting the way these devices have different strengths..........

Enjoying the hostas in the lower left corner of the above.

A closer look at the peony.  (The peony is posed better in this pic than in any shots I got with the camera, so I'm giving you the phone's image, despite its Issues with properly recording the red.)  Love the contrast between the sturdy hosta, and even the peony petals, with the wispy peony foliage.

Azaleas and forget-me-nots.  Phone.

With the camera.  I like this more-dramatic value contrast.

I didn't know what this was, but then I saw some for sale at the farmers' market.  Solomon's seal, I believe.  (Phone.  Camera's images way lighter and more yellow.)

Layers and layers of new fern foliage.  Phone.

Tree peony.  Camera.  This actually was more fuchsia than red.

Hostas.  Phone.  All the shots I took with the camera were blurry -- I forgot to switch it to macro focus.

Pink dogwood.  Camera, because I needed the zoom lens.  Love the dogwood with the forget-me-nots underneath and the chartreuse shrub.  This has been an especially good year for forget-me-nots, I think.....

Foxglove.  Camera, because I needed the zoom.

Closer crop.


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