Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 25


On the 25th we went to the farmers' market to get tomato plants.  We parked near my first house.

In the first image, we are standing on the corner of my old block, in the midst of the beautiful garden, looking north down the sidewalk toward my old house.  All of the images in this post are of this amazing garden.

The artist responsible for this floral extravaganza was out in her yard on the 25th.  I was able to ask her about this white stuff, which smells delicious (like honey -- it reminds me of sweet alyssum).  She said it is snow-in-summer.

Love the shadows of the snow-in-summer.  Wish the scent were as easy to preserve and share as the image!


Poppy, with columbines singing backup.

Poppy, with bachelor buttons.  "Oooh ooo ooo, baby baby..............."



Orange poppies in the background, and a fat fuzzy pink-poppy bud in the foreground.

Pink poppy.

Another drift of snow-in-summer at the south end of the block, looking east.  It is a delight to stroll through this garden, lingering to enjoy this and that.............


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