Friday, May 06, 2016

May 3


So many different greens!  More and more leafage, every moment.  (And some of it is maroon!)

Maple against the sky.

Downtown tulips.

Looking south on Fifth Ave.  More and more green.

The Mallett's Creek branch of the library is conveniently located across a not-busy street from our dentist.  Perfectly placed for waiting while someone has a dental check-up, so we are both perfectly positioned to head just a little further south to Zingerman's Bakehouse for lunch.

I walked into the library, intending to find a comfortable chair and read some magazines.

As my eyes adjusted to the indoor light level, I saw someone standing, arms outstretched, ready to embrace the world.  I recognized her, then, as my daughter's wonderful high school history teacher, and realized that embrace was for me.

C. is really good at hugs.

What a wonderful way to begin a visit to the library.  What a wonderful way to begin a day!  A surprise hug, from someone dear.  I had a smile on my face for an hour, I bet.

Happy sigh.

This is the reading room in the library.  Two walls lined with periodicals, and a fireplace at the far end (not burning, on May 3).

Reading magazines near the fireplaces.  Lots of windows.  Looking at a skinny east-facing window.

Same window, with the exposure set on what's outside, rather than what's inside.  A nicely-framed redbud.

Looking up.  Massive woodworks.

Looking north -- the window wall surrounding the fireplace.  With lamp.

Looking south.  Crossing the street toward the dentists' office.  What a sky!

Tulips by the dentists' office.

Crab apple in front of the dentists' office.

Driving to the Bakehouse.  The sky!

Crab apple, across from the Bakehouse.

Water in a thin plastic glass, messing with the sunlight.

Potato/leek soup.  One of our faves.

Turkey on sesame semolina, with cucumber.  I thought the cucumber was a great addition.  I liked the cool crunch........

Going home.  Sometimes the sky is excellent in just one spot.  Sometimes it is excellent in every direction.  West.




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