Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 6


Walking downtown to look at glasses frames.  More green every day.  Redbuds are at their best.



Closer crop of the above.  Love what's going on in the center, and the petals lower left..........


Tulip under the cherry tree.

Viburnum.  One of my favorite scents.

Downtown tulips.  The big concrete planters on Main Street are full of this sort of tulips.

The optical shop on Main Street has a very small selection of frames.  I didn't see anything that was what I thought I wanted.

Health Service has an optical shop, and they have more frames.

Big redbud in front of Health Service.

The next two are very similar.  The first was taken with the camera, and the second with the phone.

Isn't it interesting how different the color is?


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