Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 7


Tulips with a white picket fence.  Note fence shadow on sidewalk.....

I was hoping the camera would focus on those red seeds, but I should have known it would find the black branches against the light sky irresistible.  Maple.

Trees leafing out over the neighborhood.

!!!  I don't remember ever encountering a fern-leaf peony before.

The bud looks like a peony, but the foliage???  But I looked it up after I got home, and I think this is a fern-leaf peony.

Crab apple.

A couple of closer crops.

Crab apple, with a bunch of those low shiny yellow flowers we admired a week or so ago.


Interesting bricks on the side of a parking structure.

The 7th was the day the University supports e-cycling day for the public.  Computers, monitors, tvs, old phones, printers, etc, etc.  Bring it to the high school, and the nice volunteers will take it right out of your car for you.   Nice sky over the Pioneer parking lot.........

This is the main Pioneer High School parking lot, taken from Main Street.  Semi-trucks, large cardboard boxes, and many volunteers.

This is a tighter crop of the above.  Stacks of pallets between the trucks.  They stack monitors on a pallet, wrap the whole thing in something like extremely heavy-duty plastic wrap, and load the trucks with wrapped pallets of old stuff.

This is the third time we've taken advantage of this opportunity.  We took a CRT monitor, a printer, and a bag of old phones, chargers, a router, etc.  It's easy and quick.  The organization is impressive, and the wait (if any) is very short.

Here's my May 7 farmers' market flowers.  Crab apple and daffodils.

The bouquet included a couple of these excellent twisty leaves.  I quite like this tiny bouquet.  (I don't know what the tiny yellow flowers are.  Gone-to-seed kale, maybe?)


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