Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 9


The same two white crab apples we just looked at, from another angle.

Here's an example of why I'm so fond of my post-processing.

This is SOOC (straight out of camera).  I wanted to look at the lit-up green maple leaves in front of the red maple leaves.

But the original (above) has WAY too much sky, which adds nothing, imh, and is distracting from what I wanted to be talking about.

Let's start cropping.  Something like this?

No.  There is still too much sky in this pic.

A different crop of the original, working on eliminating the sky.  Not as much of the bright maple leaves in front as I'd hoped for, but the contrast between the red and the green was really my main point.  I like this much better than the original.

Freshly painted fire hydrant, with creeping charlie and day lilies.

This is thought of as a weed, and if you google it, to make sure that's really what it is before you say so on your blog, the first several entries you get are all about how to get rid of it............

I think it's rather pretty.


Dogwood and azalea, with greens and blue.


More bigger leaves every day.


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