Friday, June 24, 2016

June 18


Petunias in hanging baskets at the farmers' market, patiently waiting to go home with someone.  I love petunias, but have never had success with them.  They seem to immediately get leggy and sparse........

Closer look at some other petunias.


The beautiful garden at the other end of the block from my first house.  With lilies, snapdragons, and whatever that white stuff is in the lower left corner.

Poppy seed pod, with shadow and other flowers.

Red lilies with myriad greens.



Close crop.

Service berry.  I tried to get the phone to focus on the closer berries, but it had a different idea.  Which may be ok -- the way it focused on the farther berries, we can really see how this small tree is laden with fruit.

I eat a few from each service berry tree I encounter.  Thinking about Food as Medicine class -- service berries are a food that is available only just now, and who knows what nutrients they may have that my body will be glad to add to its array of possibilities?

The third week of June is prime strawberry season around here.  Here are three quarts, ready to star in strawberry shortcake.   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We make our "shortcake" with biscuits.  And we eat it with ice cream.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Later in the day.  A golf goal for each year is to be the last car in the parking lot.  This goal was achieved on June 18.

Gorgeous sky over the golf course.  See the moon, in the lower right?


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