Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 22


June 22 was a gorgeous day.

We parked in my old neighborhood when we went to the farmers' market.


Virginia creeper, all tendrilled up to do some more creeping.

The linden trees were full out, on June 22.  I think they are my favorite tree.  They smell so good....

Currants, growing near my first house.

The house across the street from "my" house.  Someone clearly loves this house.

My first house.  I loved this house...........  So does Mike, who owns it now.  I am grateful to him for taking such good care of "our" house, and for letting "my" flowers fill the space between the sidewalk and the road.

I planted some of these old-fashioned daylilies here, over 35 years ago.  They are thriving.  Just one of the things I love about this plant.

Poppy, in the beautiful garden at the other end of my old block.  This one looks like it can't make up its mind if it wants to be single, or fluffy.

Closer.  Love all the pink curls around that excellent chartreuse.


I must have walked past this a million times, but I do not remember it.

Linden.  You can smell them from across the street............  If I were planting a tree, it would surely be a linden.

Here's a look at a whole linden tree.  All that yellow you see is flowers.......

We had hoped for more strawberries at the farmers' market, but they seem to be all done.

We consoled ourselves with cherries.

Walking to yoga -- the sky over West Park, on a beautiful June day.

My exceedingly wise better half looks at a day like this, with gorgeous weather, flowers everywhere, lindens perfuming the neighborhood, delicious things at the farmers' market, excellent skies -- and notes that these *are* the good old days.


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Jeanie said...

I'm so glad that Mike of the Old House keeps your beautiful lilies and keeps the house well. That poppy study is magnificent. Aren't they the most unique flowers? Love them!