Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 4 -- all peonies (almost) all the time, part 3


Candy stripes.

Especially underneath.

And also from the front.

Fluffy white, with a bit of pink and magenta.

The most coral fluffy one I've ever seen.

White, with cream, and white.

Pink and cream, with touches of magenta.

Pink with yellow and more pink.

White with just a hint of pink.

These single ones are the coral ones I've seen before.

Love this white one with all of the frilly stuff in the middle.

Purply pink ones.

White with some magenta edges.

Pink and white with hints of yellow.......

Fluffy pink.

White, with yellow.

One spectacular peony after another.

Happy sigh.

Time to go home.  I think this is part of the school of public health.

Closeup of the above, reflect the fake-Tudor school of kinesiology.

Detail of the school of kinesiology, which has a fondness for hostas.

Front yard, school of kinesiology.

Hosta flowers, bursting up from beneath the leaves.

Detroit Observatory -- The first observatory built in the state of Michigan.  It still has a working telescope.....


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