Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 6


On June 6, I made another trip to the peony garden.  One amazing peony after another............

I think almost all of the peonies in this post are new.  Not repeats from the ones I saw on June 4......

Pink with white and cream frizzy stuff in the middle.

White globes.

Pink with pink frizzy stuff.

White, but open, not globular.

Pink pushing toward lavender.

June 6 was a nice day................  The clouds dropped a little rain on us, but not very much, and only for a few minutes.

This is my favorite peony for 2016.  Ella Christensen.  She smells as good as she looks........

Tearing ourselves away from Ella..........  Lavender peonies?  And I didn't show you the yellow one (because yellow peonies are just wrong), or the dark red one with dark red and yellow frizzy stuff in the middle, because I thought it was ugly.  I don't think these are as off as those, but ... ??

Pink.  Pink is for peonies.

And white.  White is for peonies. 

This is the candy-striped one we looked at on the 4th.

A different hint-of-pink one.  The one above is much more closed in the center than this one.

One last peony in the peony garden for this year.  I'm not that fond of spent flowers, but this one had an interesting shape, and a spent flower seemed appropriate for the last peony...........



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