Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 8


All the flowers in this post are from the beautiful garden at the end of my old block.


Evening primrose.

Lily.  This is the first open lily I'd seen this year.

Closer crop.


And another poppy.  (The orange at the top is construction barriers across the street.  Nearly the same orange as the poppy.)

I walked downtown to have lunch with my work buddies.  We had an excellent time, eating falafel and catching up.

I walked home through the park.  I am standing on the bridge/boardwalk over the pond, looking right down at ducklings who are hoping I have treats for them.  Alas, no treats.

This is one of those images that are why we love digital -- "why not?"  I didn't have much hope that I'd get anything I wanted, with the strong sun, and the light on the water, and the movement of ducks and water, and using the phone -- no zoom.  And this isn't great.  But I like it anyway.  Digital encourages us to take pictures like this, as there is no downside.  No more 75 cents per image!

Above we see five of the nine babies in this litter.  "Litter" can't be right.  "Clutch"??

Here's a closer crop of four of them.

So glad our park has a pond, and so glad the pond has baby ducks.


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