Thursday, September 01, 2016

July 28 -- National Mall


UPDATED on 9/1/16 at 12:22 pm to interleave my better half's pics with mine.

The view from the hotel room.....  I really like having a nice big view like this from my window......

We took the Metro down to the Smithsonian stop, and walked west toward the World War II Memorial.

This takes us past the Washington Monument.

Past the Jefferson Memorial.

Here we are, at the south end of the WWII Memorial, looking at the north end.  Everything is symbolic, as you would guess.

Inside the WWII Memorial, looking west at the Lincoln Memorial.

Every star represents 1000 people who did not come home from WWII.

Looking back east, through the center of the WWII Memorial.

Looking back west.  As always, I prefer to show the places without crowds.  There were a lot of people in wheelchairs taking a good long look at this memorial.  You can see some of them on the other side of the fountain.  One of them is wearing a bright yellow shirt.

I think this is a part of why people fought and struggled and sacrificed in WWII.  So they, and their descendants, would be able to come to the National Mall on a sunny July day, when the clouds behind the Lincoln Memorial were excellent, to share our history, and remember that freedom is not a given.

Here they are, some of those women Roosevelt was talking about, building airplanes........

Do you remember, several days ago, when we were visiting the Building Museum, that we saw plaster carvings that were made into parts of the WWII Memorial?

We looked closely at the figures on the left in this next image.

Which became the figures on the right in this image.

A last look toward the west, through the WWII Memorial.

Looking east.  It was too hot on the 28th for me to want to spend any more time outdoors in the sunshine.  My plan is to go to the Natural History Museum, while my better half went on west, to bear witness at more memorials.

I've got a ways to go.  The brown building in the lower left is the not-yet-open African American Museum, and just to the left of it is the American History Museum.  The Natural History Museum is beyond that, continuing east.

Looking north from this walkway we can see the back of the White House.

Excellent clouds on July 28.

I went east from the WWII Memorial, and my better half went west toward the Lincoln Memorial.  Five minutes after I took the previous pic, he took the next two.

One foot after another, on a hot and very sunny day.  This is the American History Museum.

The Smithsonian Castle, on the south side of the Mall.

When I was near the Castle, my better half was near Abraham.

Almost to my destination.  Natural History Museum.

And when I was there, he was here.


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