Wednesday, September 07, 2016

July 30 -- waiting, while it rained


Standing in an archway over an entrance into the Arts and Industries building.  (Which is closed.)  It doesn't look that wet in this image, but it's beginning to seriously rain.  You can see chairs on the other side of this patio.  There are more chairs just beyond the bright blue planter, but I didn't think of moving a one into my shelter until after the chairs were very wet.

Looking to the right from under the sheltering arch.  The Castle.

This space is pretty big.  12'x12', maybe?  The gate would block half of the opening (there's a similar gate behind me).

I'm very glad the gate wasn't closed!  I'd have had to go farther, to find alternative shelter.

Enjoying all the decoration -- fancy brick work, fancy tile, fancy gate......

At this point it's raining right down.

Fallen flower on the tile.

Another flower, outside my shelter.

The plant from which the flowers fell.  Canna?

Looking pretty much straight west from my shelter.  The Freer Gallery (closed) is over there somewhere.  See the little fountain, just to the left of the urns-on-columns?

This little fountain rises up from the middle of a wide place in the paving.

Dum de dum.  It rains and rains.  Thinking I'd have been wise to bring a chair into the sheltered space.

Looking into the Arts and Industries building.  Fancy windows, decorative arches.  For a long time there was a Centennial Exhibition in here.  Displays of goods that had been shown to customers, at least 100 years ago.  I suspect this space may be used for big parties now.  It looked quite empty from here (not scattered with flotsam or jetsam), which is one reason I wonder if it isn't used for Events.

There are two sets of doors.  We are looking through the outer doors at the inner doors.


Eventually the rain stopped.   Looking straight out.  The little fountain is visible as a little white spot just to the right of the top of the stone holding up the statue.

Looking back into my shelter.

Note "building closed" sign on the door.


Here's a better look at the little fountain, with the Washington Monument and one of the Castle's towers in the background.

Two of the Castle's towers reflected in the Museum of African Art.  This is not a door -- I'm glad I did not try to get into this museum here, when seeking shelter from the rain!

I wonder how many of these flowers were on the bricks before the rain began.

Raindrops on camellias.  I wish it were as easy to preserve and share the scent as it is to share the way they looked.

A look at the front of the Arts and Industries building.  This is the north side of the building.  I sheltered in the west side.

The next destination -- the National Gallery of Art.

It won't surprise you to know there are dozens of food trucks around the Mall.  Most museums have cafes, and there are food trucks all over the place.  Lots of places to eat.


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