Friday, September 09, 2016

July 31 -- shifting from DC to A2


All of the pics before we are at the airport were taken from the window of a moving taxi.  It just goes to show -- take the pics!  If they don't come out, you can delete them and move on, and if they do, you can be pleased.

I think this is part of the Potomac.  I'm not sure this was the most direct way from our hotel to BWI, but it was scenic.....  We went through Rock Creek Park, and ended up right by the National Mall.....

Jefferson Memorial.

Washington Monument.

Jefferson again -- this is as close as we got to it.

So glad I took these pics....

I think the building between us and the Capitol is part of the Library of Congress.  But I wouldn't swear to it.

Much of the drive between DC and BWI is covered with plants, not buildings.....

Now we're at the airport.  Being charmed by BWI -- live flowers a nice clean ladies' room?  Works for me.

Looks like a nice day for a flight....

I said "charmed by BWI" ... how about a whole bunch of rocking chairs on the way to the terminal where one departs on Southwest?  All of the rocking chairs were taken every time I walked by them....

On our way to Ann Arbor, by way of Detroit.

As always, the pics from the air have been heavily processed, so we can better see through the haze.

Storm on the horizon?  That cloud in the upper right corner was different from the rest.

Interesting how little fluffy clouds are all bunched up along a line that goes pretty near the western (tallest) part of that cloud we just looked at.

Love how easy it often is to find locations in my pics on Google Maps.  This is the southern-most part of Lake Erie.  Near Cedar Point.

Lots of different kinds of clouds, including some very thin dark gray ones.  I wonder what causes them all.....

Ok, now this is really weird.  Two places where the clouds are much higher than all the rest?  But not looking bulky and stormy?

At first I was thinking of these as rabbit ears, but they look more like rabbit legs.  Upside down, paws high in the air.  Compare and contrast with the little bitty bits of clouds much nearer the water.....

And here's the weirdest thing -- two rabbit legs near us, and off to the south, two more bits of cloud much higher than the rest..........  Wondering what's up with this!

There are some big islands in Lake Erie.  I believe this is Pelee Island, which is part of Canada.

Over Michigan now.  This is the intersection of I-94 and Michigan 39 (otherwise know as The Southfield).

This is Ford testing ground.

The intersection of the Southfield and I-96

You can (faintly) see these ... containers? ... in the upper right corner of the above.

Waiting for our turn to get out.  A pretty nice day (though hotter than I would prefer).

These tomatoes were waiting for us.  Yum!


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