Sunday, October 09, 2016

October 1


This is the rose that has been growing in our yard since before we bought the house.  It gets no help from anyone (no spraying, no fertilizing, no nothing), but it puts forth a few blooms each spring, and each fall.  Regardless of 100-degree summers, or -22-degree winters.  Year after year.

This is this year's last flower.....

Crab apples.

Farmers' market okra and yellow summer squash.  Love the way the okra are arranged......

Bell peppers and green beans.

Pumpkin totems.

Glass mugs on a shiny black table.



Jeanie said...

You have a really good farmers market there. Love the pumpkin totems and you're right -- that okra arrangment is really striking. Shows they care!

I need orange said...

It is a good farmers' market. I feel very lucky that we have it.

They people who arranged that okra essentially always have their produce neatly arranged. Green beans all lined up. That sort of thing.

You are so right -- it does show they care.