Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 15


Walking to the farmers' market.  Someone has decided to wrap the ornamental grass in their front yard.  Two clumps have been tied together into an arch, and another has been tied in a trio, with only the center bit allowed to retain its seed heads.....

A few weeks ago I took a pic of a bunch of eggplant varieties.  It's now the season to see a wide variety of pumpkins.

Decorative kale is excellent in bouquets.



Jeanie said...

Love the purple kale and pumpkins. So pretty!

I need orange said...

Thank you!

For once I not only took pics of the kale bouquets, but actually bought one. :-) Usually when I am in picture-taking mode I am not in shopping mode. I often look at my farmers' market pics after I get home and think "Why didn't I BUY one?"