Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 19


Big pink brugmansia in a pot.  I wonder if they are thinking of this as an annual, or if they will try to move it into the house for the winter.  This would be very awkward to move.  Not to mention heavy.

This is a spectacular plant.  The buds are longer than any other flower buds I'm aware of in our climate.  The flowers are wide after they open, but not wider than other flowers.

I don't know of any other berries that are anything like this color.  They look artificial.....  Beautyberry.

Brand-new construction near Kerrytown.  I believe this is a dwelling, and I really want to see the inside.....

Isn't the wood gorgeous?  Most of the siding is green, but around the door it is this lovely wood.  (Like the dramatic shadow of the railing, too.)

Beautiful squash.


October's cupcakes from Zingerman's Bakehouse.  Aren't they pretty?


October 19 was a perfect day.  Amazing sky.....

I don't remember hibiscus blooming so late...........

Maple amidst the oaks.

Dahlias in the yoga studio.



Jeanie said...

That plant is really glorious. I want to jump in and grab one of those cupcakes. Love the ones with the maple leaves on them!

I need orange said...

It is an amazing plant!

I am not really a cupcake person (frosting is not my thing), but they are so pretty I can't resist taking their pic.......... :-)