Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 9


Walking to the farmers' market.  Rose.

Closer crop.  Raindrops on rose.

Love these glass mugs on a black shiny table.........

Challah makes lovely toast, and excellent French toast (and bread pudding!).

I think stacking bagels on dowels is an excellent way to display (and keep track of) the varieties.

Morning glory.


This black chain-link fence separates the Pittsfield library parking lot and a creek.  This is Virginia creeper, growing on the fence.

Black fence; red tendrils.  I bet these belong to the Virginia creeper, but wouldn't swear to it.

This looks like a dandelion, but this flower was at the top of the (at least 3' tall) fence we've been looking at.  The plant didn't look like a dandelion, either.  The leaves are a lot bigger, and more thistle-y, in addition to flowers sprouting off a tall stem, rather than arising from a rosette of leaves that is at ground level.



Jeanie said...

I should never look at food photos before I eat breakfast! Those bagels look terrific!

I need orange said...


Their bagels are very good, but given a choice, I think I would take the challah.