Sunday, October 02, 2016

September 22


Nice morning in Kansas City.  It got hot later, but the morning was very pleasant.

Spent roses.  The bright red is new leaves, not petals.

Looking north across the pond in the park.

Looking west.  Note rainbow on fountain.

Moon still in sky.

I don't usually like the holey leaves, but I'll make and exception for this one.  Beech?

There's a bridge over the south end of the pond.  We are standing on it, near the east side of the pond.  This image shows most of the pond, but you can't see how far north it goes, nor can you see the southwest corner.  It's big.

Turning the camera sideways -- a bit more of the pond shows in this image.


Interesting sidewalk texture.  I don't remember seeing anything just like this before.

Facing off, across the line...........



Clayton Neff said...

The "bridge" is actually the dam of the creek that forms the pond. They just refurbished that this summer, with new railings and concrete finish.

I need orange said...

Yeah, I knew it was a dam rather than a bridge. I could surely have explained it better!

I recognized that the concrete was new, and thought the railings were, too, but wasn't sure. A guy was there, one day I was there, in a rowboat, going along and messing with (I think) railing fastenings. It looked like he was tightening screws. His hand was making that sort of motion......