Wednesday, October 05, 2016

September 25


My niece's wedding took place on the 25th.

The father of the bride's boutonniere.

The bride's beautiful dress laced up the back.

The wedding was a fine recognition of the reality of love and bonding, and the reception provided plenty of tasty edibles, and gave family and friends a chance to speak of their honor and love for M&A, and for the love M&A have for each other.  It brings tears to my eyes, to see someone enfolded into their beloved's family....

This pink heart-shaped bug latched onto my daughter's sleeve during the reception.

When we came outside, the sky was amazing.  I can't imagine a more appropriate sky for a celebration.

I did not do anything to any of those pics.  They are straight-out-of-camera.

Congratulations and best wishes, always, M&A.  We were so glad we could be a small part of the crowd celebrating with you and wishing you well.



Jeanie said...

The bridal detail shots -- those incredible skyskapes. Oh, what a divine day for a wedding. I'm thinking with a sky like that, who needs to touch up nature. That must have made everyone smile! A very happy day.

I need orange said...

It was a happy day.

I always think that making that commitment to work through the inevitable difficulties to stay together forever is so huge.

Wishing them the luck everyone needs (in addition to working on it!) in order for that to come true.