Wednesday, October 26, 2016



A few years ago I took a very interesting online class called The Science of Happiness.  (I recommend it for anyone and everyone.  Useful in broad *and* in specific, practical ways, and not strenuous or terribly time-consuming.)

I get email from the Greater Good center (the people who taught the The Science of Happiness are part of the center).

This morning there is a very interesting article about the effects the horrible things being said during this election may be having on all of us, and about what we can do to mitigate those effects.

I'm pretty sure this is an incredibly important part of that set of messages:

"Do not fall prey to what compassion researchers call “pseudoinefficacy” — the sense that because you can’t do everything by yourself, nothing you do matters. Nobody’s individual vote matters. That’s not how voting works. Your vote matters as part of a collective. Ask yourself, “What if nobody like me, who cares about what I care about, voted in this election?” If you don’t like the answer to that question, vote."

What we do individually DOES matter.  Every little bit of good each of us does has its part in shifting the balance.

It is NOT anyone's job to do everything, but it is surely everyone's job to do SOMETHING.

Please vote.


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