Monday, November 14, 2016

November 3


I HATE POLITICS.  But I have had a shocking slap in the face that I ignore politics at my peril (and at my beloved country's peril).

I am VERY sure that closing our eyes to what has happened (and to the reasons for that) is a way straight down into the abyss.

On the other hand, if we think of nothing but the abyss, it is surely very bad for our health (and not good for the health of those around us, either).

I am really conflicted about "moving on" and about how that can so easily be a euphemism for "complacency"!

I am horrified by the premonition that the USA could easily become the next Nazi Germany.

I cannot stop thinking about what we may be able to DO to stop the slide into the abyss.  I will not be stopping talking about that.

But I think we need to share goodness with each other, as well as our fears...........................

One thing I have done that assuaged a little bit of my panic (and my shame for what we Americans have just done) is to donate money through Kickstarter to Urban Rivers, which is creating gardens (and thus habitat for critters) along the river in Chicago.  Mitigating some of the badness humans have done to the land and to the river............

Our planet is so beautiful.  Why are we so ugly..............................    :-( 

Ann Arbor was beautiful before the debacle.

Burning bush, tulip tree, and myrtle.

Tomato, ripening on the vine in November. 

Closer look.  This time the camera was willing to focus on the tomato.

There were more than half a dozen tomatoes here and there on our vines on November 3.

Mother Nature's assemblage.

I can't quite believe that all of this amazingness is just lying on the ground to be walked on.





Looking north over West Park.  Oaks.

Catalpa leaf.  These are huge -- this one was about a foot long, excluding the petiole (as I learned leaf "stems" are called [in my plant biology class]).

Japanese maple, over English ivy, with swamp maple leaves scattered over all.

Closer look at the Japanese maple.  This one is the wispiest one I know.




Mostly maple.  Assemblage by moi.

Four of the above leaves, overlapped.  Wow!

The above, from the side.


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