Friday, November 04, 2016

October 28


I don't know what this is.  The flowers look sort of thistle-y, but the plant does not.

The family who lives in this house loves to decorate for Halloween.  They usually begin putting rats out in September, with more and more and more rats showing up as it gets closer to Halloween.

(They also have sidewalk chalk and bubble juice out, all the time.)

This year some dirtbag kept stealing the rats.  Every time the neighbors put rats out, someone would take them.  (I know about the theft because it was written on the sidewalk in chalk.)  The dirtbag eventually even took the chalk and bubble juice (I know this from talking to the homeowner).  Sheesh!

When it was finally almost Halloween, a few rats, and a lot of skeletons showed up.  I was very glad to see them, especially when they were still there, days later..........

It wouldn't seem like Halloween in our neighborhood, with no rats at the place we think of as The Rat House!

Maple leaves.

A couple of flat lays by yours truly.



Jeanie said...

This is really fun -- but what kind of a bad neighbor idiot keeps stealing the rats? Good grief!

I need orange said...

The homeowner told me she thought it was teenage boys. Apparently an enormous [censored] chalk drawing appeared before the rats started disappearing.

The drawing (description censored by me!) sounded like the work of teenage boys....

As you say -- good grief. Wondering who is letting these boys run amok with no supervision???