Thursday, November 24, 2016



Finding it hard to be happy these days.  The future looks dark.

The small daily good things are still there.  Flowers in the grocery, blue sky, a warm bed, a comforting hug.

Grappling with "why shouldn't we feel awful, given what is likely to happen soon," while realizing that all the darkness is bad for our health, and bad for the health of those around us........................

Very grateful that we do not have to travel today, and that we will not sit down to dinner with anyone from the dark side.

Last night, right after today's dessert (and breakfast) went into the oven.

I wish for you that you can spend the day with congenial souls.

May all of us, from California to pumpkin pie land, remember those who have less than we do, and do something about it.

Every animal shelter, every women's shelter, every food bank can help more if they get a few more dollars or a few more volunteer hours.....


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Jeanie said...

Your message is spot on. Tis the season for Thanks -- and Giving. And no time is it more needed.

Enjoy your day and what I think will probably be a delicious dessert!