Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 27 -- de-cluttering



Letting go of the (large and space-consuming) reminders of past triumphs.  That's a two-drawer filing cabinet it's standing on -- it is over 2' tall.   (We did keep the little plaque [not too carefully] pried off the front of the base.)

Very first (non-chess, non-solitaire) computer game we owned.  Harder to let go of than the trophy, but we don't have a machine that could run it.   (Unless the one I use as a footstool might.  But it probably hasn't been turned on in 10 years, so maybe it would run and maybe it wouldn't.  And even if it could run, we don't have a monitor for it, nor a keyboard.....)

More games that no longer run on any of the machines we've had turned on in the last many years.  (Civ IV-VI are happily running on the newest machine. )

Handfuls of paper documentation.  Those were the days......

Many happy father/kid hours were spent with this game.

And it isn't just computer stuff that's going.  Pencils with no erasers.  Pencils with rock-hard erasers.  Dead pens.

Remember when Bic pens were mustard yellow?  I am sad that the white ones are no longer available.  The gray ones you can get now often come apart when you take the cap off.  Grrr.....

Does anyone younger than a boomer know what that green thing in the middle is for?  Talk about obsolete technology..........

I believe this is the first calculator I ever owned.  I bought it in the early 1980s.  As you can see, it was solar, and it worked just fine for years and years and years.  But hasn't worked for decades.


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