Monday, December 26, 2016

Inside of a Dog


If you love dogs, and/or are curious about dogs and how they differ from people (or wolves), and/or wonder what it might be like to be a dog, you will probably enjoy Inside of a Dog.

Alexandra Horowitz is a dog lover, and a cognitive scientist, and she has paid attention to dogs (including serious scientific attention) for many years.

She writes engagingly about dogs, and about how they are (and are not) like us (or like wolves).

Your concept of "dog" will change, once you are exposed to the concepts and ideas and thoughts in this book.

I recommend it.



Clayton Neff said...

I second this recommendation. I really liked the story about the wolf coming on command after just a few repetitions.

I need orange said...

I thought of you as someone who might find it intriguing. :-)