Monday, January 23, 2017

January 21


The 21st dawned very wet, but not actually precipitating.  The forecast was for warm and no more rain.


Deciding what to wear.  Tie dye seemed appropriate.  I wore my Love pin, and someone at the march gave me the statue of liberty.

Ann Arbor, beginning to think about starting to consider getting ready to march. This is our flag, and our country, and we are not going to stand back and let the forces of strife and division have their way.

When my daughter and I were in France, we ran into a couple of marches.  The one I saw was very much like this one.  All ages of people, from babies to octogenarians (and up?).  All races.  Dogs.  It was very familial.

I was so happy to see that this one was that way, too.  Of course there were angry people there.  I teeter on the edge of angry much of the time...............

But almost all of this march was positive, positive, positive.

Corgi dog!  Waiting for the march to begin.

Love the "We're with Mother Earth" sign! 

Love that so many of the signs were clearly hand-made.

Some people wore their posters.

Some posters were slick-er.  Wish this one said voiceS, plural.....

Amen, sister.

Love her hair..........

Yes.  Please.

So grateful to these women who brought the flag!  It is OUR flag; we let anyone co-opt it at our peril!

Lots of kids marching.  Hooray!

"Men, their rights, and nothing more.  Women, their rights, and nothing less."  YES.

"Real men get consent."  (Or maybe even eager willingness???)  "The time is always right to do the right thing."

Change is hard.  White men have a long history of running everything.  Letting go of privilege is not easy.  Thank you, men who are marching on the righteous path to equality for all.

I saw this thought several times on different signs.  This is my fave.

Or even 200,000 Syrian refugees.


The parade ended at the University of Michigan's Diag.  There were speeches from students, union activists, and our very own congresswoman in Washington, Debbie Dingell.  She is a dynamite speaker.

The sun shone on the culmination of the march.


This next pic was exposed for the sky rather than for the people.  Same time, same image, just a bit higher to get more sky and expose for the sky.

One of the things I've been loving about looking at everyone's march pics is that they are all the same.  Same people were there, same thoughts were expressed.  Everyone had great signs, everyone had some new signs I hadn't seen before.

Almost all of it was positive, positive, positive.

It was one march, in MANY places, all over the world.  We went high.




Jeanie said...

Love your March post to the max. Looks like it was well attended. We were traveling or I would have marched here. I guess the capitol had about 9-10,000. Yes, it all seemed very positive. GREAT signs. I've really enjoyed seeing posts about this!

I need orange said...

I wasn't sure how many would be there, and was glad to see such a good turn out. I know a lot of people from A2 marched in DC.

It was good to see so many in person, and so good to see that the march looked the same everywhere. One march, in so many places.................