Monday, March 06, 2017

February 25


"When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many things that go right." -- @sirenofsucculents on Instagram

If you have to cope with a dead car, this was about as easy as it could be.  We enjoyed breakfast, then discovered the dead car, one block from an excellent deli and very little farther from more shops and restaurants.

Two waited for the tow truck, while one walked home to get the other car, and then we all joined back up at the car-repair place (which is an easy walk from the other home involved).

The car did NOT die while we were in transit.  It did NOT die beside a busy highway.  It did NOT die in the middle of nowhere.  (It was a cold and blustery day -- having to wait outside the car, but near the car, would have been uncomfortable, especially as the towing service called by the insurance company had to come from Detroit, and was busy at the time they were called.....).

The car died right in town, convenient to nice warm restaurants suitable for waiting for the tow truck.

Given that it was this kind of tow truck, it was lucky that they were able to get the car, which was parked on the street, not in a parking lot.

No one had pressing plans requiring wheels until Monday.  The other car stayed with the person who had need of it on Monday.

On Monday, when the car-repair place opened, it was apparently a relatively easy diagnosis -- bad fuel pump -- and they were able to replace it that same day.

All in all -- about as easy as this could be.

It's never fun when your car won't go, but if it has to be towed, this was probably the easiest set of circumstances you could experience.



Clayton Neff said...

We refer to that as the best kind of bad luck.

Of course it is also simplified by not having to worry about paying for the tow truck, or paying for the repair, or missing a day of work (or being fired for such).

We have so much good luck in our lives, that we get to make the bad luck trivial.

I need orange said...


And are wise if we remember to do so!