Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 12, part 2


Foot bridge over the railroad tracks between Union Station and a big parking lot.  I'm told there are restaurants over there, too, but I did not explore over there.  It was cold, and this bridge is not enclosed, so I looked but did not cross.

Looking down.... There's a science center for kids at Union Station.  We visited it many years ago when my daughter was kid.  Not sure why the sign is on the ground.  Maybe they're going to put it back up?  Or maybe this is a new sign?  It looks like it's in good condition.

There were a bunch of young people in this dark space between the inside of Union Station and the foot bridge.  They were taking pics of this young dancer.  He was doing some things I could never have done, even at his age..........

I hadn't had any lunch, so I stopped in Spin, which is next to the food court at Crown Center.  This shot is from my table, looking out while I waited for my order.

This is about 12" diameter of hot-out-of-the-oven flat bread, with three different spreads (white bean hummus, roasted red pepper, lemon ricotta).  Tasty, and, because it was happy hour, just over $3.

The view out our hotel window that evening.

Lots of buildings with significant light shows going on.  This rectangular building's lights kept changing in patterns.....



Clayton Neff said...

That is the Mariott Downtown. They often use those lights as a kind of civic billboard; supporting the local sports teams, celebrating some holiday, etc. When I was driving downtown for work I would often see the time and temperature displayed.

I need orange said...

Thanks. :-) I could tell there was all sorts of stuff being broadcast, on at least two different buildings, but was never close enough to see what it was.