Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 15


Waiting to see Pirates of Penzance, on April 15.

A lot of thought and energy went into this production.

The scenery was excellent, the costumes were excellent, the stage business was excellent, the performers did very good jobs.

And they invited us all to stand and sing "God Save the Queen" before the show. I'd never sung it before. (They projected the words for it.) Apparently this is traditional at University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society productions.  An excellent tradition, in my humble.

Very fun, all around.


Clayton Neff said...

I have very fond memories of watching PoP at UofM. We went backstage afterwards and talked to the cast. I remember interacting with one of the pirates who was wearing an eye patch because I had just started wearing mine!

I need orange said...

:-) This time the cast was on the stairs and landings as we walked down to get out of the theater. :-)