Thursday, April 06, 2017

March 17


On the 17th of March I ventured back to the Nelson-Atkins.

Ceramics by Gertrud and Otto Natzler.

As a rule there aren't too many things in an art museum that I want to handle.  I would love to be allowed to hold these....

This one is my fave.  Sort of like a bird's egg, only rougher.....

(both of these taken with the camera [not phone]; interesting that the prev is noticeably yellow while the next is noticeably blue....)

Love the way these are lit.  The shadows.....

Monet's waterlilies.  They look good against this dark wall.

Cezanne.  "Quarry at Bebemus" 1898-1900

Elizabeth Norton.  "On Guard"  1934  (woodcut)

Paving stone south of the Nelson-Atkins building.

Excellent sky over the Nelson-Atkins.  Very pleased with this.  Probably my favorite pic from this trip.

Excellent skies on March 17 in Kansas City.  Skyline from our hotel-room window.

Closeup of buildings.

Yowza.  I was not kidding about the skies over Kansas City on March 17!  Looking as far west as I could, from our north-facing window.


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