Sunday, April 09, 2017

March 23


On our way downtown, on a bright blue day.  There was a great blue heron in the pond at West Park!  I have seen a heron there a handful of times.  This individual just stood and watched, as we crossed the bridge.

Close crop.  Taken with the phone -- I didn't have the camera with me.  I really wish the phone camera had a decent zoom.  For close pics, and really far ones, it does a good job, but for middle distance, and for wanting to focus in on part of the middle distance....  No.  Alas.

We had lunch at an Indian buffet.  Looking through my water glass at my empty plate.  Ever'body love IKEA.....

A visit to the University of Michigan's natural history museum.  Its soon to be abandoned natural history museum.  That new construction in the background is to be the new museum.

Turning about 180 from the previous shot, catching the front of the old building.  (Looking toward a set of university bus stops, backed by the building of the pharmacy school.)

One of the things I respect and honor the university for is preserving its architectural history.  The old building will be preserved and updated to hold administrative offices.

A closeup of the carving around the doorway into the old building.  Owl and monkey.

One of two pumas at the entrance to the old building.


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