Monday, April 17, 2017

world's largest solvable Rubik's cube


The world's largest free-standing hand-soluble Rubik's Cube.....



Clayton Neff said...

I didn't listen, only watched. Is it going to replace the rotating cube on the quad?

I need orange said...

No. It was apparently inspired by the cube on central campus, but isn't expected to replace it. For one thing, the Rubik's cube was not designed to stand up to being outside. :-)

Apparently there is talk of figuring out some sort of gazebo-type thing to put over it, so it could be outside. But given the touchiness of getting it to work at all (given its weight, etc), if I were making the decision I wouldn't want it outside.

It is in a space that is open to the general public, at least some of the time (if not 24/7). :-)