Wednesday, May 03, 2017

April 26


"Organized people can beat organized money." -- Color of Change

Tulips, escaping the fence.


Apple blossom snow.

We walked downtown and had lunch at our favorite Indian buffet (which used to be Raja Rani), and then my better half went for a usual and customary eye check up.

I went to the University's art museum.  Pot from the southwest USA.  They identified the pueblo, but not the artist.

Tiffany glass.

I saw a room I don't remember from other visits, which seemed to have a lot of random cool stuff   identified by labels like "so-and-so collection" rather than by artist/medium/date/whatever.  I wonder if this stuff hasn't been "fully acquisitioned" or whatever you call it....

Anyway -- these particular pieces are wooden.  I can't imagine making that open-work vessel! 

New things and old, in this room of basically unidentified stuff.  These pieces are Chinese.  I don't remember seeing painted Chinese ceramics before.  (I mean "painted with something other than glaze"...)

More Tiffany glass.  The museum has quite a lot of Tiffany glass.

As you see -- "American art pottery."  Love that orange tile and the turquoise bowl.

Metal sculpture.  This is smallish.  18" in its biggest dimension, maybe?

Gray wall, gold frame, gray painting.

More Tiffany glass.

In the new part of the museum, there is a large-ish room with a lot of very nice modern furniture.  Nakashima, and Eames.....  Like the shadows under this Eames chair.  And I like the chair, too!

Musical head-dress.  I wish they had a recording of what it sounds like when in use, so we could hear it rather than just imagining.  I like the way it looks.

I really like the atmosphere in the new part of the museum.  It has windows.  And armchairs.

"Chair, in Corner."

This piece is Chinese.  It's "storage vessel" size.  Over 2' tall, I think.

I've souped up the contrast, so we can enjoy the swirly decoration.

Waiting on the Diag for the eye-doctor appt to be over.  It was a very nice day, if a bit warm for April.

We tried a new-to-us bakery on the way home.  The floor is old, and has this cool copper patch.  I think you could hang this in an art museum.  I wonder if they'd sell it.... I'd hang it on my wall.....


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