Wednesday, May 31, 2017

water is life


Long shadows in the early-morning sunlight.  Only at the far right can we see the beginning of branches in the shadow of the tree at the far left.

Sky over West Park.

Water is life.  What a difference a pond makes!

Big birds are now commonplace in West Park.  Closer crop of the above.

I have seen a heron in the pond about half a dozen times.  This is the first time I saw one actively fishing.

Its tail is toward us.  We can see the top of its back in the sun, and part of its left side.  Its head and neck are under the water. 

I didn't get a pic of the heron swallowing a fish, but I saw it.  If the fish had been fish-colored, I don't know that I'd have been able to see it (think about that pic of the pond at the top of this post -- that's how far away I was).  But the fish was a bright orange goldfish, so I could see it clearly against the more natural colors of the heron's beak. 

The pond is full of fish.  Plenty for more than one heron, I think.

Blue sky, clouds, jet trail.


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