Saturday, February 03, 2018

June 29, 2017 -- the end of an era


(I published this on June 29, 2017, but I'm publishing it again here and now.  So -- if you think you saw this before, you did.)

The end of an era. Severing a 45-year-old relationship. Irrationally sad about giving up the phone number I'd had for all those years. 😔😔😔

At least 95% of the calls on the landline were spam, which made it easier to let go.

Some time after we'd returned the above to the company which owned it I realized that all of the physical phones (and their answering machine)(and their wires, wires, wires) could go, too. That mostly seems just weird.

But letting go of the phone number I'd had since I was about 20..... Was harder. 😔 

But I'm over it now, as I re-publish this on Feb 3, 2018.



Jeanie said...

I'm thinking about giving up my landline (from a zillion years also). Maybe they can just transfer it to the phone I get. I hope.

I need orange said...

I wondered, idly, if there was a way to get the calls from the landline forwarded to my cell number. Then I thought about it some more. At the end, essentially all of our calls were spam, or worse, scams. I don't want those calls............

I don't miss the landline.

It was a weird moment when I took the phone off my desk! I haven't thrown it away yet, but next April when the electronics recycling event takes place at the high school, it will be going.

It really feels like the end of an era............