Sunday, July 02, 2017

expedition map


I've been playing with Google maps.  You can make your own map, and stick your own pins in it, and then you can share it.............

The blue circles are where we spent nights, and the orange circles with cameras are places we visited.

This is a work in progress; things may change.  For example, the place where we actually visited "Lake" Mead is up near Overton, not down near Las Vegas as shown below.  I may fix that on the real map (especially if I can figure out where we were, exactly, when we were nearest to "Lake" Mead....).

This image is a screen capture and is very degraded (don't waste any eye-power on it).  It won't change.

But -- the excellent thing is that if you click on this image, you should be taken to the real map, where you can zoom, and turn on the satellite view, and everything.  Very cool.

Here is a link to the next Grand Canyon Expedition post.


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