Wednesday, August 09, 2017

May 21 -- part 4, heading back north through Bryce Canyon


Here is a link to the interactive expedition map.  I have added Rainbow Point, Agua Canyon, and Natural Bridge view points within Bryce Canyon National Park to the map.

One last look from Rainbow Point (at the southern end of the road into Bryce Canyon National Park).  It was wet, somewhere.

I think this tree was hit by lightning.

It looks like it was damaged at some point (right half), but then it looks like it was cleaved vertically.

I believe we are looking mostly east.  Maybe a bit north?  Wet out there, dry and sunny at Rainbow Point.

I didn't keep track of which pics were taken at each of the view points.  Judging by the time gap between the previous pic and this one, this view is not from Rainbow Point.

The next three images are from a different place than the previous.

Now I know where we were.....

This raven was incredibly tolerant of people.  It let people get within five or six feet of it, taking pics the while.

After I'd taken some pics of the raven, I moved over to the fence separating the tourists from the abyss.  I was leaning against one of the square pillars that hold up the wooden fence poles, taking pics, when my better half offered me some chocolate.

The raven, realizing we had food and it didn't, flew over and landed on the pillar.  Right. Beside. Me.  I mean RIGHT beside me.

I was no longer taking pics.  I was in awe of this wild creature that chose to be right next to me.  Wow.  Luckily my better half took pics.

Closer crop.  (Note snow on cliff in the distance.)

Wow.  What an excellent experience!

What you can't see in our pics is that there were dozens of people there.  We moved away from the bird, and people started feeding it like crazy.  It took food from the pillar right in front of it, and probably from people's hands (though I don't remember seeing that).  Finally it had some item that was pretty big (3" diameter?), and it took that and flew away.

I hope they weren't feeding it crap, but I bet they were.  Sigh.

Next image still at Agua Canyon.

Still at Agua Canyon.

Still at Agua Canyon.

The next four images are probably from a different view point, north of Agua Canyon.  But I wouldn't swear to it.

Grass in a crack.  Near the edge.

Bryce Canyon National Park is behind us in this shot.  We are looking across the road, at land that is (I believe) outside the park.

Very flat dandelion.  I wonder if these are the same, genetically, as our dandelions, but are flat because of environment, only........

I believe this one is the Natural Bridge.  I think the next several images through the yellow flower were taken at this view point.

I believe these are quaking aspens, and they really have WHITE bark.

The next pics are about three minutes after the previous one.  Not sure where they were taken....

One long last look at Bryce "Canyon" on May 21.

Here is a link to the next post about the Grand Canyon expedition.


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