Tuesday, May 15, 2018

April 10, 2018


8:10 am.  Sunrise over a snowy Tree Town.

9:10 am.  Shadows on the street.

Birds in the back yard.  Goldfinch.

Robin.  Hooray for a zoom lens.

Hooray for dandelions.

Hooray for "curried chicken, hold the chicken" at Star's Cafe.  Yum.



Jeanie said...

I'm sure glad it's not snowy like that anymore! And don't you love a zoom!

I need orange said...

I'll be ok with no snow until it gets hot, and then I will wish we had snow.... I'd rather have 40 than 90 and that's the truth.

Yes, love my zoom. My phone takes really nice pics, but I sorely miss the zoom!