Saturday, May 19, 2018

April 21, 2018


On April 21 we ate at the new(ish?) Tibetan restaurant near the Ann Arbor-Saline road Target.  I really liked the vegetable stew I had.  Interestingly spiced, full of veggies, with small dumplings/fat-noodles.  I look forward to eating it again.

When we left the restaurant, the eastern sky ahead of us looked like this.

Turning to the left, the northern sky looked like this.

Turning left again, toward the west and the restaurant.  Wow..........

A vertical shot of the same two pointy bits above.  Note moon near upper left corner.

Just a bit to the right of the previous.........

The Pittsfield branch of the library is on our way home.  We needed to drop off a book.

Looking west from the library............. 

So glad we were out and about.  You can't see big views of the sky from our house.


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